Parker McCollum has seen success in his country music career with two No. 1 hits, "Pretty Heart" and "To Be Loved by You," and although he feels he hasn't yet "made it," he has splurged on one big purchase to celebrate his wins.

The singer tells Taste of Country Nights' Evan Paul that he bought something he's had his eye on since childhood.

"I don’t think I’ve made it yet; I haven’t bought any ‘I made it’ purchases yet," he prefaces. "I don’t know. I always wanted a Corvette ZO6 manual since I was a little bitty kid, so I bought one of those about a year ago."

McCollum further reveals that the car is a 2016 model in "all black and white."

Of course, a cool car has to come along with some good music, and McCollum says he listens to the likes of Vince Gill, Aerosmith and the Band while cruising around.

"You can’t drive that car and not have music playing," he says.

He also admits that, due to his height, "getting out of it doesn’t look near as cool as getting in it," but he's still happy with his purchase.

McCollum debuted in country music with his 2x Platinum hit "Pretty Heart" in 2020. That song was his first released on a major label (MCA Nashville), but he had been releasing music independently, including two full albums, since 2013. He released his major-label debut album, Gold Chain Cowboy, in July 2021, and the Texas-born singer reveals he is close to releasing his next project.

"I think I just finished this record," he tells Paul. "We've got to cut a couple more songs and cut some songs I wrote this weekend, but I think as far as writing it, it's done."

McCollum declined to share more details about the project, but he has since released the track listing. Unfortunately, all the songs are blacked out except for his current single, "Handle on You" and a track called "Stoned," but the photo reveals that the yet-to-be-named album will feature 12 tracks.

As for when the album will be out? McCollum says, "next year."

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