NorState Federal Credit Union proudly supports local community food pantries through the efforts of Maine’s Credit Union Ending Hunger Campaign.

Throughout the year, staff and volunteers of NorState participate in fundraising efforts that bring awareness to hunger in Maine and work hard to raise much needed monies to be donated directly to local food pantries.

“Thanks to the generosity of our members, staff and dedicated food pantry volunteers, NorState’s combined effort allowed us to raise $23,534.56 for last year, commented NorState’s EVP, Nancy Marquis Cyr. What a great testimony to the credit union’s philosophy of people-helping-people.”

The campaigns coordinator is Elaine Clavette, who works at the Madawaska office of NorState.

Clavette adds, “We are fortunate to have such great staff at every location for our ending hunger efforts. Staff works with local food pantry volunteers, to gather the information and resources we need to get to work on our ending hunger efforts throughout the year. Volunteers work hard to make sure their pantry shelves are stocked so no one has to go hungry. We are inspired to raise monies to help them with their efforts.”

NorState Exec. Marketing Director Denise Duperré commented, “The bond between community, donors and pantries allow us the opportunity to bring awareness to all communities in the county, where 1 out of every 5 persons are food deficient.”

Cyr added, “This awareness is why NorState Federal Credit Union works diligently all year long to raise funds for the Ending Hunger Campaign, as well as, NorState’s Hope for the Holidays Food Drive.

During November and December, in partnership with a local radio station, we collect over 10,000 pounds of non-perishable foods and items for local pantry shelves.”

NorState donated these monies to the following central and northern pantries throughout Aroostook, with individual presentations because of gathering restrictions in place due to Covid-19.

Fort Kent Ecumenical Food Pantry which serves several communities in the northern regions of the St. John Valley. Friends Helping Friends pantries in Easton, Ashland Food Pantry, St. Mary’s Food Pantry and Fish River Rural Health Food Pantry in Eagle Lake, Pantries in Grand Isle – Madawaska – St. David and Frenchville served by Notre Dame du Mont Carmel Food Pantries, Van Buren Food Pantry, Our Lady of the Valley Pantry in St. Agatha and Sinclair Food Pantry and Gift Food Pantry in Presque Isle.

To learn more about NorState and their commitment to serve members, family and communities, visit For more information about donating your time or monies to the Ending Hunger Campaign, contact To see live video presentations, follow NorState FCU on social media.

Supporting Community Food Pantries – NorState Ending Hunger representatives from each branch office delivered each food pantry their portion of the monies due to COVID-19 restrictions of gathering as a group. Pictured with Van Buren’s Branch Manager Brittany Ouellette is Van Buren’s Food Pantry volunteer Nancy

Dumond Violette. Along with each donation, the food pantries were given NorState totes to help people, who use the food pantry, carry out their goods during pantry distributions.

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