In the small town of Croydon, New Hampshire, the board of selectman recently let the Chief of Police go. So, he stripped his uniform off and walked home.

According to WMUR, Richard Lee was the only officer on the entire Croydon police department until the Board of Selectmen voted to disband the department that covered the town of 764 residents.

Lee was asked to turn in his patrol car, badge and uniform. He did just that, buy stripping everything off, handing it over and walking home in the snow with just his boots, underwear and hat. Thankfully his wife picked him about three quarters of a mile from the station up before her got frostbite.

The New Hampshire State police will take over calls from Cryodon, but Lee says he's done with law enforcement for good. Now he's home, dressed and toasty warm after receiving a months severance pay from the town or Croydon.


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