Having grown up in Maine, I’ve been familiar with Whoopie Pies treats for pretty much my whole life.

I had never heard of a ‘MoonPie’ until my mom owned a bakery and people would come in and call the Whoopie Pies ‘MoonPies’.

I figured it was just another word for our nostalgic treat but apparently it’s a whole other thing.

I can kind of see why they get confused but after actually eating a MoonPie I am extremely offended that anyone would ever think it was a Whoopie Pie or vice versa.

Southern Moon Pies vs. Northern Whoopie Pies

First things first, MoonPies are a southern thing and Whoopie Pies are our treat up here in the northern states.

What’s actually funny is that I am from Maine and finally discovered what a MoonPie is when I was just recently in Chattanooga, Tennessee and saw them everywhere. A quick Google Search just taught me that MoonPies actually originated in Chattanooga.

So, I went from Maine to Tennessee and finally got to the bottom of the MoonPie vs. Whoopie Pie debate.

Final Consensus: MoonPies suck.

Right off the bat, I can understand why someone upon first glance might confuse the two. They are both round layered treats in similar packaging coming in vanilla and chocolate flavors.

Since I love Whoopie Pies so much, I was really excited to try a MoonPie.

One bite in and I had had enough.

What is a MoonPie?

MoonPies are small circular treats covered in a thin layer of chocolate with two soft graham crackers and marshmallow filling in the middle.

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It tasted dry without a lot of flavor and the marshmallow filling was essentially just a marshmallow without any of the yummy, soft, creamy goodness of a Whoopie Pie. My favorite part of a Whoopie Pie is the creamy middle and that is lost in the MoonPie.

The MoonPie is also more of a cracker where a Whoopie is cake-y.

There are MAJOR differences when it comes to these treats and while I understand that they may look the same, one bite of either of them and you will know they are entirely different treats.

Oh, and fun fact: the first Whoopie Pie was sold in Lewiston, Maine.

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