Safety first. That’s what the Move Over Law is all about. The Bureau of Highway Safety is reminding motorists to help protect emergency responders as they do their jobs on our Maine roads.

Stepping out on the side of the road to help drivers, for a traffic stop or for a crash investigation is one of the most dangerous things a first responder can do, said the Bureau of Highway Safety. The bureau also said emergency responders are seeing an increasing number of drivers who are not moving over and not slowing down. This puts their lives at risk.

One recent incident involved a motorist crashing into a Maine State Police cruiser on the side of the road with its lights on. The Trooper was out of the vehicle assisting another driver. It was a close call, but the Trooper was not injured. 

Another incident involved a Washington County firefighter who was hit while putting out a fire in a vehicle. The volunteer firefighter sustained serious injuries and was hospitalized.

One of the leading causes of death for on-duty law enforcement officers is a traffic-related incident, said the Bureau of Highway Safety.

The bureau said: “If your son, daughter, or family member was an emergency responder you would want drivers to move over or slow down and give them the space to work safely.”

You can help by understanding the law and moving over and slowing down. The “Move Over' law is in place to allow emergency responders to do their jobs in the safest way possible. Pay attention to flashing lights and follow the law. Move into the lane away from the stopped vehicles if possible and slow down to give first responders the space to do their work.

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There are fines for not abiding by the 'Move Over' Law. The penalty is a minimum of $250. 

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