The Codiac Regional RCMP ticketed five drivers in 45 minutes for not adhering to the Move Over Law in Moncton.

The operation was conducted November 10th. In October, the RCMP ticketed six drivers in one hour for the same violation.

The RCMP advises:

If you see a police or fire vehicle or an ambulance with lights flashing on the side of the road, you must slow down and move over to the other lane when safe to do so and proceed with caution," says Sgt. André Pepin with the Codiac RCMP. "By giving that extra space and slowing down, you're helping keep the emergency responder safe along with everyone travelling the road. It's also the law."

A $292.50 fine comes with three demerit points for drivers who do not move over for emergency vehicles. For more information, please visit

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