Though it may not seem like it when you look at a map, Maine is actually a pretty big state. With over 30,000 square miles of land and over 4500 square miles of lakes, rivers, and ponds we're the largest state in New England.

Maine is big enough that economies vary greatly as you travel across the Pine Tree State. Many factors cause variances as to how much money people make. Some areas have higher rates of unemployment, while others have employers that provide jobs to thousands. Some see more tourists than others, creating more jobs and more income for the area. Employers may offer more money in different parts of the state.

All that data is measured and freely available, so we've taken the time to break it down and see how much money people earn in the county they live in.

Here's how it works. The State of Maine Center for Workforce Research and Information compiles data to provide country profiles. They include data for each of the sixteen counties in Maine which include unemployment rates, population, sources of income, poverty rates, and a long list of other types of data on the people of Maine.

What we were interested in for this list of how each of Maine's counties ranks based on income, was the median household income of the population of each county. Household income is the combined income of everyone living in a home. Keep in mind, this isn't an average. It's the median, which, unlike an average, takes every person's reported household income in a county and finds the income amount that is exactly in the middle, with the same amount of numbers higher than that number as are lower than that number.

So keeping that in mind, here's the list of every county in Maine ranked by median household income from lowest to highest.

Maine's 16 Counties Ranked By How Much Money People Make

Here's the list of every county in Maine ranked by median household income from lowest to highest.

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