Get ready to rock around the clock on Thursday evenings all over Aroostook County. 

There are several live performances scheduled - Madawaska’s Music in the Park, Rockin’ on Riverside and Thursdays on Sweden Street.

The whole County is ready to get out after a long pandemic and a cold winter.

If you’ve been to these events before, you know there’s great music, plenty of food trucks and vendors. There’s always something for the kids to do too.

Music in the Park

Madawaska’s Music in the Park starts June 10 at Bicentennial Park, 11th Avenue. There are shows scheduled every Thursday through September 9th (check the schedule for some different days of the week here and there). The music gets rolling at 6 pm and doesn’t stop until 8 pm.

Rockin’ on Riverside

Rockin’ on Riverside is set by the river in Presque Isle at Riverside Park - hence the name. The first show is also on a Thursday, and also on June 10. Things get started at 6 pm and go to 8:30 pm.

Thursdays on Sweden Street

Thursdays on Sweden Street kicks off June 3 with a concert-only event. Officials said there will be food trucks and an outdoor cafe. Organizers said they will look to get vendors back later after they gauge the first show.

The event will take place at the North Mall Parking lot this year. You can get there from Record Street or Main Street.

The event will follow protocols and guidelines.

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