Here are some of the noteworthy incidents investigated by Troop F of the Maine State Police during the end of June and early July. Summaries are taken from the weekly police logs and may be minimally edited.

29-year-Old Man Seriously Injured in Collision with Moose at Madawaska Lake

On Thursday, June 30th, Maine State Trooper Denver Roy responded to a car/moose crash on Route 161 in Madawaska Lake.

Through his investigation, Trooper Roy learned the male operator, a 29-year-old man from St. John Plantation, had been traveling south on the New Sweden Road when the moose entered the roadway. The operator was unable to avoid the moose and as a result, the vehicle sustained significant damage.

The man suffered serious, but non-life-threatening injuries in the crash. He was transported by ambulance to Cary Medical Center in Caribou for treatment.


Suspect Identified in Burglary at Woodland Home

On July 3rd, Trooper Ted Martin investigated a burglary complaint in the town of Woodland.  A Woodland woman had left early in the morning and when she returned home, she noticed some of her personal property was removed from the home and set on fire. A suspect was developed and the investigation is ongoing.


Woodland Teens Cited for Using Marijuana

On July 3rd, Trooper Martin received a complaint of drug activity in the area.  During the investigation Trooper Martin met three teenagers walking. Trooper Martin confronted one of them about the report.  The teenager ultimately confessed to using marijuana and turned it over to Trooper Martin. The parents of the juveniles were called and was determined they would resolve the issue.


Trooper Pulls Over Two Vehicles in Stop in Monticello

On July 2nd, Trooper Ryan Kilcollins was conducting traffic enforcement and went to stop one vehicle for an infraction. There was another car between him and the vehicle he was attempting to stop that was refusing to yield to his blue emergency lights. Trooper Kilcollins was able to get both vehicles stopped and discovered that the vehicle refusing to yield to him had a suspended driver’s license. The man was issued a criminal summons for OAS and a warning for failing to yield right of way.


Tools and Hardware Reported Stolen in Eagle Lake

On July 1st, Trooper Roy received a report of a burglary at a garage in Eagle Lake. The owner reported a large number of tools and hardware stolen. Trooper Roy responded and processed the scene for evidence. The investigation is active and ongoing.


Van Buren Woman Arrested for Continued Screaming

On June 28th, Trooper Nathan Desrosier investigated a complaint of a woman screaming, nonstop, at an apartment complex in Van Buren. It was reported a woman kept going to other apartments screaming at the residents.  Trooper Desrosier located the woman, tried to speak with her, but she was yelling at him. The woman was issued a warning for disorderly conduct and went inside her apartment.

Not long after the trooper left, more complaints were called in regarding the same woman still yelling. Trooper Desrosier located her down the street and she was still screaming at people and passersby. Trooper Desrosier arrested the woman for disorderly conduct and she refused to submit to arrest. Trooper Desrosier, with the help of a citizen, got her handcuffed and transported to the police station where she was able to post bail.

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Troop F is responsible for Maine State Police coverage for all of Aroostook County and the northern parts of Penobscot, Piscataquis and Somerset Counties. The Commanding Officer is Lt. Brian L. Harris.

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