Two 21-year-old men were arrested after a 38-year-old man was stabbed and gunshots fired during a confrontation and bike robbery.

Multiple Stab Wounds in the Back

The victim had multiple stab wounds in his back, said police. His name and age were not released. The incident happened Thursday around 4:30 pm at the intersection of Emery Street and Heritage Crossing in Sanford.

Gunshots Fired and Man Stabbed

The Sanford Police Department said Jordan Roberge and Derrick Roberts-Poulin, both from Sanford, were trying to steal the man’s bike. One of the men fired a gun several times during the confrontation and the other stabbed the victim.

Arrested and Charged

Roberge and Roberts-Poulin were arrested about an hour later and charged with Robbery and Elevated Aggravated Assault. The victim was taken to Maine Medical Center for treatment.

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