A 41-year-old man was arrested after a pursuit Monday in Millinocket for several outstanding warrants and possession of meth.

Drugs Found and Active Warrants after Traffic Stop

The East Millinocket Police Department said Michael Lyons was pulled over on Spruce Street just after 8 pm after “a registration check revealed the vehicle had falsely attached license plates.”

Suspect Tried to Flee the Scene on Foot

Lyons tried to “walk away” from the vehicle after stopping for Officer Jones. A foot pursuit started when Lyons tried to flee. Jones was able to catch him behind a residence.

Drugs Seized and Active Warrants

Police located scheduled drugs and seized 25 grams of meth following a search. Lyons also had four outstanding warrants for his arrest for Unlawful Drug Trafficking, Unlawful Drug Possession, Violation of Bail, and Operating After Suspension. He also had bail conditions related to the charges.

Facing Several Charges

Lyons is facing charges for Operating After Suspension, Attaching False Plates, Refusing to Submit to Arrest, Violation of Bail, Unlawful Drug Trafficking, and Unlawful Drug Possession. He was transported to the Penobscot County Jail. Officer Perreault and PCSO Deputy Watt assisted Officer Jones on the scene.

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