Under Governor LePage's watch, the Maine welcome sign near the Kittery exit on the Maine Turnpike read, "Welcome to Maine: The Way Life Should Be" with an added sign hanging underneath that read, "Open For Business." Now, there's a new sign in town.

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Governor Janet Mills kept her promise to revamp the sign, according to the Press Herald. The new sign simply reads "Maine: Welcome Home".

Maine Turnpike Authority

In her prepared statement, Mills explained why the sign was changed to its new slogan.

“This sign is a simple, inclusive, and powerful message which our state will send to every family, business owner, and young person coming into our state – you are welcome here,” Mills said. “It is also a reminder of the love we all share for this great state as we ensure that Maine is a place of opportunity for all those hoping to create a better future for themselves and their family. To all of them I say, welcome home.”

This sign change comes at the same time as the proposed license plate slogan change to "staycationland," which suggests a trend in thinking: whether you're from away or you've lived here your whole life, Maine does have a way of magically feeling like home.