The Maine Center for Disease Control is reporting 39 new coronavirus cases Tuesday and no additional deaths. Aroostook County has two new cases. 

It is the fewest number of daily cases in Maine since last October. It's also the sixth day in a row with no COVID-related deaths reported in the state. 

The Maine CDC says that just over 700,000 Mainers have received a final dose of a COVID-19 vaccine.

Maine has one of the highest rates of coronavirus vaccination in the country, but some of the rural counties in the state lag behind the more populated areas. More than 52% of Maine’s population has received a final dose of the vaccine. The pace in Maine has been buoyed by a 63% mark in Cumberland County, which is the most populated county in the state. However, data from the office of Gov. Janet Mills says several rural counties are still below 50%. Those counties include Somerset, Washington and Franklin.

  • Confirmed Cases: 67,819
  • Deaths: 825
  • Hospitalizations: 2,022

In Aroostook County, the number of confirmed cases is 1,867 since the start of the pandemic. There have been 45 deaths in the County. There have been 76 people hospitalized from the virus.

See the latest updates from the Maine CDC - MAINE CDC CHARTS & GRAPHS

The Maine CDC hosts a media briefing at 2:00 PM every Wednesday. Watch the live feed on our Facebook.

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