The Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention on Thursday reported 10 more COVID-19 deaths and 49 new coronavirus cases in the state.  Aroostook County has no new infections.

The number of daily cases of the virus has inched up slightly over the past two weeks, but remains fairly low. The seven-day rolling average of daily new cases in Maine has risen from 22.14 new cases per day on June 29 to 23.71 per day on July 13.

Maine's Vaccination effort

Meanwhile, 4 out of 5  Maine residents age 50 and older are now fully vaccinated for coronavirus, according to the latest data.

Gov. Janet Mills' office said Thursday that more than 67% of the state’s eligible population 12 and older has received their final coronavirus shot, and that number is even higher for residents over age 50, at 80%.

Maine's largest county, Cumberland County, is close to 92% fully vaccinated in the 50 and older age group. All but one county in Maine is above 70%.

The Center for Disease Control says that there have been 877 deaths from coronavirus in the state since the start of the pandemic. There have also been more than 69,000 reported cases of the virus in Maine. The active caseload statewide is now estimated to be around 275. Aroostook County has a dozen known active cases.

With the vast majority of new COVID-19 infections (over 95%) affecting non-vaccinated people and with the rise of the more contagious Delta variant, officials say it's important for people to get vaccinated as soon as possible. You're protecting not only yourself, but vulnerable people around you.

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