The Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention said there are 53 new cases of COVID-19 Monday with 29 recoveries. There were no deaths in the state.

The number of cases in Maine is 6.254. The total recovered is 5,363. There have been 146 deaths.

Aroostook County has a total of 63 cases with 54 recoveries. Just to the south, Penobscot County has 298 confirmed cases overall with 257 recoveries. In central Maine, Androscoggin County has 849 confirmed cases with 757 recoveries.

Maine’s seven-day daily case average has been trending upward since mid-August, when there was an average of 14 new cases per day. Now the seven-day average is more than 40 daily cases. The state still maintains one of the lowest infection rates in the country.

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The Maine CDC listed the confirmed cases in state by zip codes (see below).

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