The Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports 27 new cases of COVID-19 Friday. There was one death in the state.

  • There are 5,666 confirmed cases.
  • 4,933 have recovered from the virus in Maine.
  • The number of people who have died from COVID-19 is 143.

Aroostook County has two more confirmed cases, bringing the total to 51. Three more people recovered on Friday for a total of 46 recovered. There are five hospitalizations. There has been one death.

Cary Medical Center said: Cary Medical Center recently admitted our first COVID-19 positive patient. We have spent months preparing for this inevitability and today, we are confident that our healthcare team is equipped to provide the exceptional care that people have come to expect when they walk through our doors. With this recent development, we have made changes to our Cary Medical Center visitation policy to ensure the continued safety of our patients, staff and visitors.

Read the full Facebook post:

The Maine CDC shows confirmed cases by zip codes (see below).

The Maine CDC’s schedule for updates is Tuesdays and Thursdays. Watch the news briefing on our Facebook at 2 pm (ET) (subject to schedule change).

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