The Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention said there are 405 new cases of COVID-19 Wednesday. There were seven deaths in the state.

The number of cases in Maine is 14,454. The total recovered is 10,388. There have been 246 deaths.

Aroostook County has 228 confirmed cases and 124 recovered. Twenty people have been hospitalized. There have  been two death.

LOCAL UPDATE: Aroostook County has over 100 known active cases, as of Wednesday.

Several people are hospitalized at Houlton Regional Hospital, following a spike in cases in that area.

Earlier this week, officials confirmed the first COVID-related death in southern Aroostook.

Schools in Presque isle, Mapleton, Caribou, Stockholm, Woodland, Washburn, Limestone, Van Buren and Fort Kent have switched to remote instruction this week.

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