This time of year, flooding in northern Maine is a serious issue.

We travel  across or near many waterways in Aroostook County, and it’s critical to be safe on these roads. They have the potential to be impacted by flooding. We see it every year. Vehicles getting caught in water is a major threat. You always want to heed the advice of experts and don't try to maneuver through a flooded road.

The Aroostook County Flood Watch page on Facebook is a great source of up to date information. The Aroostook County Emergency Management Facebook page is another valuable resource.

These pages share info and also have some incredible drone footage of local waterways. You can see the current water levels and get a sense of the flooding risk. The overhead point of view really gives you a good perspective on the bodies of water.

Flooding info changes fast and updates are posted throughout the day on these two sites. Make sure you check on a regular basis to get the latest details. Here are just a few of the latest advisories:

  • The National Weather Service has issued a Flood Warning along the Aroostook River in Fort Fairfield until about 11:30 Friday night, April 2. Emergency management officials report an ice jam remains in place from just below the Fort Fairfield bridge to the international border. Russell Road and Riverside Avenue in Fort Fairfield are closed to traffic due to high water.
  • Limestone PD, April 1: WATCH FOR BARRICADES: Due to washout conditions on the Bog Road a section of the road is closed.  Please find alternative routes.
  • Fort Fairfield Fire Rescue, April 1: Riverside Ave is closed due to flooding

Here's a look at the Caribou dam with high water levels:

Being prepared covers a lot of things like safety first, insurance and sustainability:

Do you know the difference between a flood warning and flood watch?

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Local news and radio is also an important way to keep up to date and informed of the flooding in our areas.

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