If the last year and a half has shown us anything, it is that we should not be surprised at exponential price increases for basically any product.  Since early 2020, we have seen crazy increases in the price of lumber, homes, pool chemicals, outdoor toys, and more.

Because of our experience over the last eighteen-ish months, we should not be surprised by the news that the price of lobster is going up.

According to WGME, a massive increase in the demand for lobster is driving up the price.  On top of that, because the lobster season is really just getting going, the supply has not risen to meet the demand.

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This fact became obvious when the world famous Red's Eats in Wiscasset opened without lobster rolls being on the menu.  The good news is that Red's Eats does now have lobster rolls available.  The bad news?  As of May 24th, the price for a lobster roll was $34.

The bright side of this is that it means the economy is bouncing back.  The price is that high because the demand is driving the price up. That means people, both locals and tourists, are out there spending money on non-essential items.  After spending over a year cooking and eating at home, people are now going out to restaurants.

Where will the price go from here?  We'll have to wait and see.

Who has the best lobster roll in Maine?  Red's Eats?  The Red Barn?  Let us know by sending us a message through our app.

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