Patriots Winning Streak

The New England Patriots are on a winning streak and we love it. Keep it going, especially when the games count the most (like division and conference matchups).

It’s four games in a row for the Patriots as they square off against the Cleveland Browns  on Sunday, November 14.

Listen Live

Listen to the whole game on 101.9 The Rock, WOZI. Pregame starts at 10:00 a.m. with kick off set for 1:00 p.m. (eastern time). The post game is right after the game.

New England has been on the road for the last two games with big wins. It’s not easy winning on the road in the National Football League. 

Season Records

Don’t forget, the Patriots started the season with a 2 - 4 record. Not a great start to 2021. But, after winning the last three games, they are now 5 - 4. That puts them in a better place getting close to the middle of the regular season. The Browns led by Baker Mayfield are also 5 - 4 this year. The Patriots have beaten the Cleveland Browns the last three games they have played.

Players to Watch

Mac Jones is one of the players to watch. He's been good in the air for the last several games as he continues to see the game and lineups better. You can see the confidence in his play.

Patriots Facebook

The New England Patriots have an updated Facebook page that breaks down many of the game's features. Also, Coach Belichick tells it like it is on the videos posted to their social media.


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