Grand Opening Planned for June

The All-Star Galaxy Fun Zone is planning to open its doors in June at the Aroostook Centre Mall in Presque Isle. There will be trampolines with foam pits, bungees, ninja runs, inflatable slide, a cliff dive, a toddler area, and much more.

Local Owner and Operator

Allison Wheeler is the owner and operator of the new All-Star Galaxy Fun Zone. She also owns the All-Star Gymnastics and Cheering in Houlton, Mars Hill and Presque Isle.

A Place for Fun Entertainment

Wheeler said she has “big plans” for the new bounce house venture. “We are providing a place for kids and adults to have fun and do things together as a family. Also have a place for junior high and high school kids. We also have something for rec kids to do with their different rec departments in a safe and fun environment.”

Inflatables, Play Stations and Equipment

Those fun things include a whole list of equipment. “We will have two 40 foot trampolines that dismount into foam pits. We have two-sided ninja runs. There’s an inflatable bungee run which is a harness you put on and you run as fast as you can, and the harness pulls you back. We have an inflatable slide and bounce house, and an inflatable cliff dive where you stand up and jump down onto a big air bag. Also, two bungee harnesses that you strap into and you can bounce and flip and run and the bungee pulls you back. There will be repelling where you climb up the pillars. If you fall, it’s like a zip line that stops you on the way down.”

All-Star Fun Zone
All-Star Fun Zone

Toddler Space

Wheeler is designing the fun zone for all ages. “We will have a full toddler area. We will take them as young as ‘walking’ - up to an adult who feels they can jump and bounce and play.”

Expanding The Zone

Down the line, Wheeler looks to expand the fun zone even more by “adding an adult portion with ax throwing, a shooting simulator and an archery range.”

All-Star Fun Zone
All-Star Fun Zone

Location at the Aroostook Centre Mall

The All-Star Galaxy Fun Zone will be located next to All-Star Gymnastics and Cheering at the Aroostook Centre Mall in Presque Isle. “We will be adjacent to our current facility. Where the old House of Bounce used to be in the Mall. There was a space next store that was empty so we took the wall out between the two spaces.”

Event Planning

The facility can be rented out for all kinds of local events. Wheeler said people can book the place for “birthday parties, corporate parties, we’ll do any of the local rec departments who want to rent the facility out. Thursdays will be reserved just for special parties.” The space can accommodate up to 40 people at a time at 55 minute time blocks. Wheeler said her goal was to make it affordable at “$10 for 55 minutes.”

All-Star Fun Zone
All-Star Fun Zone


Wheeler has a supportive staff to run the All-Star Galaxy Fun Zone. “We have 14 on staff right now for the gymnastics side of the building. We will probably add five more employees for the fun zone side. We’ll probably have them doubling up. I’d say about 10 on the bounce house side. We’re looking at our Grand Opening, probably in the middle of June,” said Wheeler.

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Updates and Contact Info

There are regular updates and posts on the All-Star Galaxy Fun Zone’s Facebook. Contact information is posted on the site if you are interested in contacting Allison Wheeler or have any questions.

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