Police say a Limestone man was charged with operating under the influence of drugs following a single-vehicle crash early Friday evening on Route 1A in Fort Fairfield.

The Fort Fairfield Police Department was called to the crash on the Limestone Road around 4:15 p.m., according to Police Chief Matthew Cummings. Officers at the scene determined that 43-year-old Nicholas Griffeth of Limestone was driving a 2022 Toyota Camry when he crossed the center line, left the roadway, and crashed into trees on the west side of the road.

A Van Buren school bus was traveling in the same area at the same time as the crash and observed the erratic motor vehicle operation, Cummings said in a news release.

Driver in crash arrested at the scene

Fort Fairfield Fire and Rescue evaluated Griffeth for possible injuries but he refused transportation to the hospital. Griffeth was arrested for suspected operating under the influence of drugs, Chief Cummings said. He was transported to the Caribou Police Department and evaluated by a drug recognition expert.

The car was considered a total loss and was towed from the scene.

Griffeth was charged with operating under the influence of drugs and unlawful possession of schedule W drugs. He was able to post bail on Saturday and is scheduled to appear at the Presque Isle District Court on March 8, 2023.

Officer Erick Bechtel investigated the crash. Fort Fairfield Police were assisted by Sgt. Chad Cochran of the Caribou Police Dept. who conducted the drug recognition evaluation and by law enforcement phlebotomist Sgt. Kyle White of the Presque Isle Police Dept.

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