There is so much hunting going on across the state of Maine, it’s hard to keep track of it all. But you can track 

That’s where the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife comes to help you keep track of this year’s hunting season.

Wardens have put together an interactive sight that allows you to see where big game has been harvested and the number of animals hunted.

Hunting is huge in Aroostook County, Maine. For many people, It’s a way of life. From all over the state, hunters come to the vast forests, fields and waterways in northern Maine.

We have it all up here and in big numbers. There are so many deer, the state is having some trouble keeping up with the population. The moose are everywhere. So much so that you need to be very careful driving down the country roads, especially at night.

You can see all kinds of key details on the map with different tabs to pinpoint areas of interest.

There’s the overall harvest by each County as well as the count for every town. The information is broken down by the specific big game too.

We also added a link to look at when the different seasons start and finish in different parts of the state.

The Maine Game Wardens also have info on bag limits and the dates of each hunt. They also show permit details and trapping features in an easy to read chart.

Be safe and have a great season.

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