Inmate Escapes from Androscoggin County Jail

A 23-year-old inmate at the Androscoggin County Jail escaped Monday morning after climbing over a fence and “squeezing” through barbed wire, and then jumping about 25 feet from a roof.

Steals Car

David Ricardo Mockler was at recreation at approximately 9:35 a.m. when he escaped. Mockler then stole a car parked on Court Street near the County Building. The keys were in the silver 2019 Toyota Highlander and it was not locked.

Androscoggin County Sheriff's Office
Androscoggin County Sheriff's Office

Stolen Vehicle Crashed

Mockler crashed the vehicle shortly after near 1724 Minot Avenue in Auburn. The stolen vehicle had extensive damage.

Refuses to Stop for Police

The Mechanic Falls Police Department tried to stop him, but he refused, said officials. Additional law enforcement from the  Androscoggin County Sheriff's Office and officers from the Auburn Police Department assisted.

Crashes Again in Private Driveway and Arrested

Mockler crashed again after he turned into a private driveway on South Main Street in Mechanic Falls. Police were able to take him into custody and charged him with escape. He is also looking at charges for the theft of a vehicle and failing to stop.

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Transported to the Hospital

The Poland Fire and Rescue took Mockler to the hospital with a possible broken ankle from the jump off the roof of the jail.

Jail Time

Mockler was serving time for Aggravated Trafficking of Schedule Drugs, Unlawful Possession of Cocaine Base, Theft By Unauthorized Taking, Criminal Mischief and Violating Conditions of Release. He has been in jail since May 15 2022.

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