The Houlton Police Department posted on their Facebook a visit from Deklan who wants to be a police officer when he grows up.

Future officer pays a visit to HPD

It’s a fun post with some great pictures of him with HPD officers, Corporal Clayton and Detective Cyr. The article said “Deklan was all prepared, ironed his new uniform, his name tag, shined his boots, and found his favorite sunglasses so he could patrol all day.” Deklan also had his own police car.

Life in the police force

It started when Deklan had a conversation with his mom about getting a job, and said he wanted to be a policeman with the Houlton Police. They talked about the different situations he would find himself doing in the line of duty and also “the amount of donuts and coffee he would be allowed to consume!”

Corporal Clayton & Detective Cyr worked as his field training officers and he fit  the part with a police stance. The post said unfortunately he was too young, but the department thanked him and said “We can’t wait to see your application in a few years!”

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Applying to Houlton Police

Houlton Police also reminded everyone who is old enough and interested in joining the force to apply to be an officer with HPD.

You can get an application online, at the town office, and in person at the station on military Street in Houlton. If you have any questions, you can email HPD and visit their Facebook.

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