Changes in Our Lives

So many of us are just trying to get through the changes we’ve seen in our lives over the last year and a half or more. There are health concerns with the coronavirus, employment issues, inflation, prices at the pump are way up and home fuel has seen major increases.

Now, more bad news as it looks almost certain that Maine will see a considerable increase in the cost of home electricity this year. 

Increase in Electricity Bills

The price could go up as much as 60% to 80% which could mean the monthly bills increasing by more than $20 to $50, according to the Portland Press Herald.

The natural gas price is one of the biggest factors in the jump in electricity costs in Maine and around the country.

Officials said we would most likely start seeing the increase in prices as soon as January, 2022.

The Maine Public Utilities Commission just disclosed the possible hikes to the Maine Legislature.

Programs Available

What does that mean for residents of Aroostook County, Maine? How do we cut costs in our lives? So many of us are just making ends meet, or are falling behind in our bills. 

There are some programs available at ACAP also has many options for people who need help and assistance with energy prices and housing (they have other programs available too).

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Budgeting Our Expenses

We’ll have to dig deep to find areas to save as gas prices have gone up over a dollar from last year, and home heating fuel costs are up around 40%.

If at all possible, it looks like budgeting our expenses and cutting back on things is one of the ways to try and get through the increases in electricity. 

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