New Business in Houlton, Maine

A new business called the Handlebar Saloon has opened up on Market Square in Houlton.

By the looks of their Facebook posts, business is good and people from around the area are coming in to check it out.

The best way to describe the new location is using their own words: “Handlebar Saloon, Your Hidden Destination, A place for good food, good drinks and a real good time!”

Active on Facebook and Social Media

The business is active and responsive on their FacebookThey have started posting photos of patrons coming in to have a drink and some pictures of food - they also have photos of the decor as well.

There’s a lot of interest on social media about the location, the menu and what fun things will be featured at the restaurant and bar.

Menu Posted

Someone asked for the menu to be posted, and it was. Here;s the menu. Another person wanted to know about karaoke, and the bar gave a quick answer - it looks like Karaoke is going to be happening on Saturday nights.

Location and Contact Info

The Handlebar Saloon is located at 28 Market Square next to the Temple Cinema. Their phone number is listed as (207) 460-5419. You can email at

It’s always good to see a new place start up. The best way to see what it’s all about is to go and check out the Handlebar Saloon to see for yourself.

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