Blake Shelton loves music and The Voice and his girlfriend, Gwen Stefani, but he also has a love affair with Cheetos. Stefani spilled all in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel on Thursday (Dec. 6).

"Blake (Shelton) is actually addicted to the (Cheetos) puffs," she told the late-night host and thousands of viewers. "I’m trying to get him off those."

When asked how bad the 'addiction' is, Stefani admits that the "Turnin’ Me On" hitmaker "wakes up in the morning" and partakes in the cheesy snack.

"Somebody sent him a Cheetos Christmas tree to our house," she adds.

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Stefani reveals that Shelton and her young son (she has three with her ex-husband) even cooked up a Hot Cheetos-inspired turkey for Thanksgiving.

"t was good," Stefani admits, adding that while she doesn't eat meat, she tried the unique dish. "I tasted it. It was really moist because it was in the cooker thing, but it didn't have as much flavor. It looked like it was going to be super flavorful but it was ... kind of not. It had this super, super strong Hot Cheetos afterbite. I mean, super spicy."

With more holidays ahead, Stefani is focused on what to get her man of more than three years for Christmas. And it's tough.

"He has everything," she says. "I feel like we were both sitting there going, 'Promise me you’re not going to get me anything. Let’s just not get gifts this time.'"

But Stefani admits she wants to get Shelton something, so she bought him a leaf blower recently. There was just one problem:

"I sent it to this group text with all of our friends on it on accident," she says, "So he wrote back and said, 'Yeah, that’s the perfect gift!' I blew it with the leaf blower! He confessed that he had actually bought one a week ago already."

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