A 32-year-old Presque Isle woman pleaded guilty in federal court Wednesday to passing counterfeit money. Acting U.S. Attorney Donald E. Clark made the announcement August 25, 2021.

Court records show that Jessica Jones used a counterfeit $20 on July 23, 2018 at two restaurants in Presque Isle, Domino’s and McDonald’s. According to court officials Jones said later that she received the counterfeit money from someone “trading  counterfeit bills for drugs.”

She is facing up to a $250, 000 fine and up to 20 years in prison.

The U.S. Probation Office will conduct a pre-sentencing investigation. She will be sentenced once that process is completed. U.S. Sentencing Guidelines and other statutory factors are considered by a federal district court judge to determine her sentence.

The case was investigated by the Presque Isle Police Department and the United States Secret Service.

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The Presque Isle Police Department is located at 43 North Street in the City of Presque isle. The Chief of Police is Laurie Kelly. You can see more posts from the Presque Isle Police on their Facebook. They update the site on a regular basis with announcements. Some of those articles are news events like arrests or advisories to the community. Many times on the Presque Isle Police Department Facebook, you see shared information from other agencies about investigations or updates on staff or local events. The business line is (207) 764 - 4476. Their email is pipd@presqueisleme.us. Addition Info about the city of Presque Isle: The City Manager of Presque Isle, Maine is Martin Puckett. Presque Isle City Hall is located at 12 2nd Street. The phone number is (207) 760 - 2700.

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