Free Snowmobile Weekend

Get ready to rev the engines on Free Snowmobile Weekend in Maine, March 4 - March 6, 2022. There are 14,000 miles of trails to explore with some of the most scenic and picturesque views you’ll see anywhere. 

Who's Eligible

It’s simple to do for non residents as long as you have a valid registration from another state or province, “a nonresident (from another state or province) may operate a snowmobile in Maine (no reciprocity necessary).”

How to Register

Here’s how it works. Register at Also, read the information from the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife about submitting the electronic registration.

Snowmobile Safety

The Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife reminds riders to never drive under the influence and stay under control within your abilities. Wardens also emphasize to always stay on marked trails. Snow can cover hazards such as rocks, tree stumps, equipment and other things. Staying on trails also includes riding in fields. Driving across a farmer’s field can cause damage. 

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Snowmobile Trail Report

You can get the Snowmobile Trail Report with up to date information on the conditions and maintenance.

Snowmobile Clubs

If you are making plans to visit Maine during Free Snowmobile Weekend, check out the Northern Maine Snowmobiling Facebook page. They have some really good information on where to go, trail conditions. They have up to date posts.

Reference Guide

The state of Maine has some very good info on their site. You can learn a lot more with their quick reference guide.  

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