Another free fishing weekend in Maine - and this time with a celebration for Father’s Day.

You can register online and get outside with dad and family and enjoy the beautiful Aroostook County weather.

The free fishing weekend is open to residents and nonresidents. Anyone can fish without a license (with the exception of those who have had their licenses suspended or revoked). Officials with the Maine Inland Fisheries and Wildlife remind you that all laws and regulations apply. The Maine Wardens service also encourages you to review the fishing laws in Maine as well as get fishing tips and find the best spots to cast your line. 

Finding good fishing is key. Maine’s fisheries biologists and the Maine Fishing Guide gives you the inside tips on the inland places you want to go with dad on Father’s day weekend. There are ideas on freshwater fishing which include resources and great advice from some of the most knowledgeable anglers in Maine.

Some of the guidance focuses on region-by-region fisheries. Also, an illustrated fish identification chart so you know what you caught and what you’re fishing for. The Maine Fishing Guide also gives you fishing advice on different species. There are important details on on catch and release and keeping your catch. Plus, dad’s will love the information on how best to fish with your kids.

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The Maine Inland Fisheries and Wildlife want you and your family to enjoy a free fishing weekend while being a good land user. Taking in the wonders of Aroostook County and the state of Maine means leaving no trace in nature and carrying out what you carry in.

Parking is important as many people head out this weekend. Always park in a designated or public place without blocking paths or roadways.

Make sure you have permission to fish on private property - this includes fishing, parking and access to spots.

Take care of yourself and family as the weather can be a big factor in your outing. Get the forecast before heading out and always let someone know where you are going and when you plan to return.

The Maine warden service wants you to take home some of the fish you catch. It helps to maintain the fisheries with a healthy population. Dad’s will love a fresh fish dinner on Father’s day.

Happy Father’s day and have fun on the free fishing weekend in Maine.

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