Four Maine State Troopers were hit by a vehicle Sunday night on Route 202 in Hollis as they were conducting interviews for a family dispute in a breakdown lane.

Four Troopers Hit and Injured on Route 202

Trooper’s Jake Mowry, David Lemieux, Dakota Stewart and Trooper Recruit Shane St. Pierre had responded to the scene around 10 pm to investigate a complaint at the intersection of the Hollis Road and Star Lane.

Vehicle Hit Police in Breakdown Lane

Shannon Moss, Public Information Officer, Maine Department of Public Safety said “at approx. 11:12 pm, a vehicle traveling eastbound on Hollis Rd. drove into the breakdown lane and struck all four Troopers.”

24-Year-Old Driver Arrested for OUI and Other Charges

The 24-year-old old driver, Tyler Croston from Westbrook, and a passenger, 27-year-old Amber Gedaro from Westbrook, were in the vehicle.

Croston had minor injuries and was taken to the hospital. He was released and charged with Aggravated OUI, Aggravated Driving to Endanger and Reckless Conduct with a dangerous weapon, said the York County Sheriff’s Office. No additional information was released about Gedaro.

Four Troopers Injured and Taken to the Hospital

All four of the Troopers were transported to Maine Medical Center. “Trooper Stewart was treated and released from the hospital with several broken bones in his right foot. Troopers Lemieux, Mowry and Trooper Recruit St. Pierre remain at MMC and are being treated for their serious but non-life threatening injuries,” said Moss.

Driver had Bail Conditions

Croston also had “two sets of bail conditions and has been charged with violating those conditions of release.  Due to the VCR charges, Croston is not eligible for bail until after his initial appearance which is scheduled for August 30, 2023 at 1 PM.”

Crash Under Investigation

The York County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the crash. The Kennebunk Police Department reconstructed the scene. The investigation was conferred with the York County District Attorney's Office.

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