With so much to see, this flatlander is anxious to get out to see everything Maine has to offer, which appears to be infinite. If my reviews inspire just one person to get out and see something new or revisit a place they have neglected for a while, then my time sharing my experiences have not been wasted.

Fort Point Lighthouse is 45 Minutes from Bangor, Maine in Stockton Springs

Stockton Springs, Maine
David Bugenske/TSM Maine

It was a rainy Sunday, so I took advantage of this being a shorter trip than most from my home in Brewer. I also got to briefly experience Narrows Bridge and Fort Knox in Bucksport, Maine (all to be explored and reviewed at a later date). My destination on this gloomy day was Fort Point Light.

Fort Point State Park
David Bugenske/TSM Maine

Fort Point Light was established in 1836 in Stockton Springs, at the west side of the mouth of the Penobscot River, to aid vessels bound for Bangor, a leading lumber port. The town of Stockton Springs was also a lumber port and a shipping point for Maine's potato industry. - newenglandlighthouses.net

Fees, Parking, and Other Things to Know When Visiting Fort Point State Park, Maine

Fort Point Lighthouse, Maine
David Bugenske/TSM Maine

There were two roads that run parallel that you can take to reach the lighthouse. Apple Maps had me go one way, which was a turn directly following the other route that included a very visible "Fort Point State Park Entrance" sign. Both led to parking lots and places to pay. The "fees" were advertised on a printed sheet of paper taped to a poll with nobody present (maybe because it was raining?) - so I pushed on while clutching onto my $4. Free visit. Score.

Fort Point Lighthouse
David Bugenske/TSM Maine

Overall Review of Fort Point State Park and Lighthouse in Maine

There were a couple short trails that offered incredible views of the coast and the lighthouse. Parking was wide open as the weather most likely deterred any other visitors. Dogs are allowed on a leash, and if it weren't raining, this would have been a perfect trip to bring a lunch while learning a little bit about Maine's fascinating history. I would recommend visiting Fort Point Lighthouse as a stop on the way to another destination, as you really don't need more than an hour at this state park. Enjoy!

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