Fort Fairfield Police responded to the Community Recreation Center, October 31, for a report of a juvenile brandishing a handgun.

Multiple Fort Fairfield officers, along with U.S. Border Patrol agents & Presque Isle Police, arrived at the community center within minutes of the report around 4:15 PM.

Several juveniles who were at the community center and witnessed the event were interviewed. Police said they identified the suspect and determined he displayed what appeared to be a .357 magnum handgun from the waistband of his pants.

Fort Fairfield Police
Fort Fairfield Police

Officers went to the residence of the alleged offender and he was taken into custody.

The weapon was seized - officials said it was a non-functional pellet gun. The case is being investigated by Officer Jesse Cormier.

The 11-year-old juvenile was charged with a class D crime of terrorizing and has a December court date. He was released to his parents’ custody.

Police said no further information will be provided due to the age of the suspect and victims.

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