The Rescue Elf

The Caribou Fire and Ambulance Department know how to have fun on social media. They're always reaching out to the community and getting involved in so many creative ways.

Take one of their latest Facebook post for example. It's pretty awesome. It's an Elf on the Shelf in the driver’s seat of one of the rescue vehicles. The kids are going to love it.  We thought the Rescue Elf is a good name, but that’s not official.

 He Looks like a Firefighter

Take a close look at the photos and see the detail on the Elf’s clothes. He’s wearing the same thing the firefighters wear and he even has an extinguisher, hat, boots, suspenders, reflective tape and… did we leave anything out? It’s so cool with the attention to the details. We have never seen an Elf like this before. But what do expect from a Rescue Elf - he has to represent.

Here's the Latest Update on the Rescue Elf:

Do You Have an Elf on the Shelf?

Does your family do anything with an Elf on the Shelf? We have a few people in the office who have fun with it. There are all kinds of creative things to do. Check out the official Elf on the Shelf site.

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We'll Keep You Updated

We’ll post updates on our sites and social media when we see it. Whatever happens, you know the Caribou Fire and Ambulance department will make us laugh with their new Rescue Elf.

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