When is The County's Fiddlehead Festival?

Everyone is ready to get outside and have some fun and enjoy the sunshine and nicer weather. Just in time, it’s The County's Fiddlehead Festival, May 22. 

What's the schedule?

This is the chance we’ve been waiting for. Food, music, crafts, different locations to visit, friends to see and fresh air to breathe in and breathe out. Below is the nicely put together schedule for places and times.

You can start stocking up on all your fresh farmers market goods at the Riverside Pavilion. 

What are the events?

Get ready to jam out to the Star City Syndicate from 5 - 8 pm at Riverside Park. Food and vendors will be there selling all the good stuff.

Of course the namesake of the event is fiddleheads. What better way to celebrate than going fiddlehead picking. 

If you’re a cook - and even if you’re not - there’s a cooking competition at NMCC. This is your chance to make something delicious for everyone. The event is at Northern Maine Community College from 8 am to 3 pm. 

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This is something that is perfect for this time of year in Aroostook County. Plenty of things to do with plenty of entertainment and lots of food.

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