A large tree crashed through the windshield of a van on Route 11 in Moro Plantation Saturday, nearly missing the driver and five other passengers.

Police: High Winds Caused Tree to Fall

The Maine State Police - Troop F said “high winds are to blame for the tree falling into the roadway” and hitting the van driven by 23-year-old John Yoder Apple Creek, Ohio.

Driver Tried to Avoid Hitting the Tree

Police said Yoder tried to avoid the tree that was falling in the road. He was unable to stop the 2017 Ford Transit van before it was hit.

Maine State Police
Maine State Police

Tree Went Through the Windshield and Broke Off

“The top of the tree went through the front windshield of the van barely missing Yoder and his passenger. The impact caused the top of the tree to break off inside of the van,” said the Maine State Police.

Driver had Minor Injuries

Yoder had minor cuts and the five passengers were not injured in the incident. No additional information was released.

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