Emera Maine will use helicopters for a repair and maintenance project that stretches from Orrington to the town of Orient in Aroostook County.

Emera Maine
Emera Maine

The goal is to provide safe and reliable service over the transmission line that stretches 100 miles.

Helicopters will help get the job done with less costs while supporting crews on the ground.

The project includes a rebuild of 70-80 structures and replacement of equipment in other areas.

This project has been developed with a strong focus on achieving cost savings for our customers while reinvesting in a key asset,” said Aaron Boyd, project manager. “Operation of this transmission line is important to the region and the Emera Maine system to deliver safe and reliable power to our customers.”

The helicopters provide easier access for workers, materials and equipment to get on site. The project will go through October 31st.

The transmission lines were constructed in the early ‘70s.

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