Today is National Eat What You Want Day. In anticipation we shared that fact on Facebook yesterday and encouraged people to chime in with their fave food that they wish they could eat as often and as much of as they wanted without any repercussions.

We have a list of the national items listed in a similar survey, and we will share our responses too.

So get yourself a snack and we’ll review what we came up with.

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Restricting yourself from your favorite foods can be difficult. That is why, on May 11, we celebrate National Eat What You Want Day! On this day, people are encouraged to treat themselves by giving in to their sweet tooth, carb-loading without having a marathon to run, and eating breakfast for dinner. Because on Eat What You Want Day, no one can tell you what NOT to eat.

First here is the ranking of foods and their position on the national survey.

  1. Pizza (13%)
  2. Pasta (12%)
  3. Burgers (11%)
  4. Ice cream (11%)
  5. Tacos or burritos (9%)
  6. Chocolate (9%)
  7. French fries (9%)
  8. Donuts (7%)
  9. Cake (6%)
  10. Chips (5%)
  11. Cheese (4%)
  12. Cookies (4%)

In our Maine survey, We got everything in the top 12 except cheese within the first couple of hours after posing the question on Facebook yesterday morning. We did get bacon making our top entries in Maine, unlike the national rankings.

Thanks for the participation and the creativity.

Here is a sampling of  some of the numerous comments.

Wanda: with no side effects it might be peanut butter cups then again pasta is always good I love cake and cookies I can't handle this question this early in the morning and headed to the store to boot I may have set myself up for unplanned purchases today


Sorry Wanda.  I went to the grocers yesterday for a bag of rice.  A couple of dollar item.  I checked out and the total was $29.20

Back to our replies, and we got numerous posts about seafood. Like we’re in Maine or something. It is definitely near the top in the answers given, unlike the national answers.

Ray: steam clams with lots and lots of melted butter


Danny:  Donuts but if it was true 100% no repercussion and no allergic reaction would be shrimp crab and scallops


William: lobster


Debbie: Donuts washed down with fried clams and lobster


April: I would take moms homemade Donuts or peanut butter cookies otherwise I'm right there with you on the clams and lobster


Dolores: I'm allergic to scallops which makes me wanna cry I love them but they don't like me at all


Bacon lovers might have the most passion for their go to food.


Katie: I could eat a pound of bacon every day but I'd be dead by now if I did


Derek: bacon by the fistful


Darlene sent a picture of what she was eating yesterday morning:  what I just ate beef barbecue smoked tenderloin with smoked apple BBQ sauce on the side

Darlene Plasse Young
Darlene Plasse Young

Thanks to all for the interaction. I believe today is the day we are supposed to enjoy what we would love to eat all the time but just can’t. So enjoy every bite, with zero guilt.

Then tomorrow we are back to…

graytown, ThinkStock
graytown, ThinkStock

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