Dylan Scott nearly missed his first time on the radio, in 2013. Thankfully, the artist turned up the volume to catch the end of his debut single, the fan-favorite song “Making This Boy Go Crazy,” before it left the airwaves. Below, Scott recalls the big moment to The Boot.

I was with a buddy. We were riding down the road, [and] the radio was kind of low, so half the song went through before I realized, “Wait, this sounds real familiar. This is myself.”

But it was cool, man. I was out in East Tennessee, driving home, and that was just a cool moment to unexpectedly hear your music on the radio.

It was a song called “Making This Boy Go Crazy,” which we still play every night, and everybody knows it. It didn’t have any success [on the charts] at all, but it did have fan success, which is really cool.

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