By now, you've probably heard the term "hygge".

It's a Danish concept of basically building a feeling of contentment through being cozy and warm. I'm definitely paraphrasing a bit, but you get the idea. Some people have gone on to interpret hygge as meaning you enjoy winter to the fullest. Embracing it, as opposed to being negatively affected by it.

It doesn't ultimately matter, because it ain't gonna stop snowing up here anytime soon...

Personally, I have a hard time getting 100% behind the idea. I don't hate snow per se, but I definitely hate driving in it. It's probably my biggest gripe. I chose to move to an area where they don't plow the roads much, so I always hate the idea of having to drive. But if I don't have to, I'm content to watch the snow fly for hours and feel pretty darn good about the whole affair. Oh, and I'm old now, so I hate the cold, Ha!

But overall, how do Mainers really feel about the cold?

We're genetically programmed to complain about it, but that doesn't mean we don't want it. I sometimes wonder what it would be like to live in a different type/warmer climate, but I really do love the seasons. I think that's what keeps most of us here. We like the variety. But of course, there are Mainers who completely despise it. And on Reddit, they were not afraid to share these opinions.

I've known folks who are from here and lived here their whole lives, but truly hate the winter. I'd think after a time, you'd be able to accept it. But some folks will just never get past it. They love every season but winter. I almost fall into that category, because I personally think snow after New Years is useless. But it hangs on until mid-April somehow every year.

But let's have a look at what a bunch of other Mainers have to say about it. Maybe you agree, maybe not. But it doesn't ultimately matter, because it ain't gonna stop snowing up here anytime soon...

See if your feelings about snow match up with these folks...

Here's What Mainers Really Think About Snow

From the mouths of Maine's own...

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