Date Night Restaurants in the County

Aroostook County has some of the best restaurants you’ll find anywhere. Not only is the food and drinks good, but the service is so friendly and welcoming. That all adds up to a perfect date night with that someone special in your life.

Ice Breakers

Drinks can be a real ice breaker if you’re just getting to know your date. Or, it is the moment you savor and share with the love of your life. Many of the places in the County feature their drink specials. We’ve got some of them here for you to see.

Delicious Food

The main course is always important on a date. You don’t want something you get all over yourself (or maybe you do). Oftentimes, sharing your entree is a show of openness and generosity. That can make a big impression on someone new, and remind a long time love of how special they are to you.

Sharing Dessert

Dessert is something to look forward to at dinner. Sharing something sweet is a bonding experience - plus, it tastes really good. Not everybody does dessert, but if you do, the many local restaurants on this list have some sumptuous menu items.

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Date Night is a Special Night

Calling a night out “date night” adds to going out. You’re doing something more than just grabbing something to eat. Maybe you dress up a little, but keep it casual too. The big thing is to show how much you care and love the person you’re with (or at least you’re getting to know them even more).

Enjoy the list and see the many options you have across northern Maine. If you want a place added, we can do that too.

Date Night - 15 Places to Go in Aroostook County, Maine

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