A Danforth woman will spend two and a half years behind bars after admitting her involvement in a methamphetamine manufacturing case from earlier this year.


Officials say 30-year-old Tabbatha Osnoe pleaded guilty earlier this week to trafficking methamphetamine and to violating her probation.

Osnoe and her boyfriend, 39-year-old Allen Richardson came to the attention of law enforcement in March after a fire was reported at their home a short time after their five-month-old son was pronounced dead at a local healthcare facility. It’s not known exactly how the baby died.


Police say they found evidence of meth cooking in the home the couple shared with their children. Court documents indicate that Richardson admitted he had been making meth for about six months prior to the fire, saying he’d cooked meth more than a thousand times.

Osnoe told agents the cooking had taken place in the home for about a month, and she had been the one to purchase the ingredients for Richardson to make the drug.

Richardson has pleaded not guilty.

Onsoe has also been ordered to serve two years probation once she has been released from prison.If she violates that, should go back for up to five more years.