How Many Staff and Inmates at The Cumberland County Jail Tested Positive for Covid-19?

Jail officials at the Cumberland County Jail said close to 30 inmates and staff tested positive for the coronavirus Tuesday.

Officials said several inmates and staff showed symptoms last week. As of Friday, two inmates and two members of the jail staff tested positive, said Cumberland County Sheriff Kevin Joyce. 

Officials said all staff and inmates were tested after the positive tests. On Monday night, 24 inmates tested positive for COVID-19. By Tuesday, 27 inmates and two of the jail staff tested positive.

What are the Overall Coronavirus Cases in Maine?

Meanwhile, as of Wednesday in Maine, the rolling average of coronavirus infections across the state is 400 per day. Over 35% of the population 16-years-old or older have received their second shot - that equates to 395,000 people.

Maine has seen the highest level of coronavirus cases since January. Wednesday’s numbers showed 547 confirmed cases and four deaths in the state.

Aroostook County had 11 new cases Wednesday.

What are Some Updates From Health Officials?

You see most people wearing masks in public - and many places require it. State officials are urging individuals to take precautions and practice social distancing as well as washing hands on a regular basis.

Although some mandates are loosening in Maine, health care authorities are saying to be careful not to let down our guard before we reach herd immunity.

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Coronavirus vaccinations from Northern Light Health AR Gould hospital are happening on a scheduled basis at NMCC in Aroostook County.

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