MAINE UPDATE: The Maine Center for Disease Control today is reporting 259 new coronavirus cases and three deaths in the state. This after Sunday's count of 189 new cases and no new deaths -the lowest number since November. The Maine CDC reports over 85,000 Mainers had received their first dose of the vaccine to prevent COVID-19. About 22,000 have received their 2nd dose.

NEW BRUNSWICK UPDATE: In New Brunswick, the Edmundston region went into a full lockdown Sunday amid spiraling coronavirus cases and a series of outbreaks. Infections have be confirmed in schools, workplaces and residences for the elderly, and Public Health officials say the region (Zone 4) has the highest number of active cases in the province. Dr. Jennifer Russell called the evolution of the pandemic in northwestern new Brunswick "extremely worrying." CBC News reports there are now 129 active cases in Zone 4, up from seven cases just two weeks ago. At the current rate, Dr. Russell says there could potentially be 400 active cases before the month is over. The lockdown will be in effect for 14 days. All kindergarten-to-Grade 12 schools in the Edmundston region will be closed. Restaurants and salons will close. Public spaces, including rinks and ski hills, will close. Indoor gatherings, including religious services, must be virtual only. Only essential services can stay open.

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