The City of Presque Isle intends to start an E911 Emergency Ambulance Service. The service will be operated by and administered through the Presque Isle Fire Department.

There are many advantages of the City operating such a service. Since firefighters are trained in multiple disciplines, the firefighter can mitigate hazardous material events, perform complicated rescues and fire prevention while on site. This can reduce time between accident and treatment time.

The model of a combined firefighting and ambulance department is common throughout Maine and the United States because of the operational efficiency and effectiveness through cross trained personnel.
Fire Chief Darrell White indicates that there are other advantages as well. White stated, “Offering this service puts more firefighters on shift to handle emergency calls in a timely manner. The increase in staff will result in more firefighters first on scene, faster response times with adequate staffing result in better outcomes, less fire loss, and less dollar loss from fires. The additional staff would be funded from the EMS revenue stream and not the tax payer. This EMS revenue will then reduce the cost to the taxpayers for emergency services such as fire and EMS.”
City Manager Martin Puckett points out that, “This decision also means that the City will then have two dedicated advanced life support ambulances for 911 emergencies with an additional advance life support ambulance as a standby unit. The City does plan to continue to cooperate with TAMC and Crown Ambulance to best serve the community.”
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