Zombies in Madawaska, Maine

Forget about ghosts and haunted houses for Halloween, Madawaska, Maine has zombies - at least according to a recent episode of the "Tales from The Walking Dead."

No Spoilers

If you watch the new series, you might have been as surprised as anyone when the plot line of the story suddenly said they were in Madawaska. There’s no particular explanation why they were in northern Maine other than trying to outrun the zombie herd.

The episode called “Davon” is AMC's 5th installment of the spin off series “Tales of the Walking Dead.” 

What’s It About and What Are The References to Madawaska?

One of the main characters of the episode who has amnesia asks if he’s in Montreal, Canada and is told he’s in Madawaska. It kind of comes out of nowhere, but it gets your attention watching it in Maine.

There’s also some French spoken, but not a lot. Enough to suggest that he really is where they say he is.

From there, the plot gets morbid, dealing with missing children and the townspeople’s search to find out who did it.

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Is It Worth Watching?

Just for the fact that it takes place in Madawaska is reason enough to check it out. Not many shows feature the town.

The way things go down is certainly not representative of the great people of Madawaska. But, the show is about the zombie apocalypse and everything is really skewed. Here's the story plot.

Watch with Caution

If you do check it out, you see it follows a lot of the shock and gore as the original series. It’s made for TV so it’s watchable, but it does go to some extremes.

Here's a clip to see more of what it's all about.

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