A 32-year-old man from Howland was arrested Wednesday evening for Domestic Violence – Assault, Unlawful Sexual Touching, said the Penobscot County Sheriff's Office.

Maciej Korzekwa/Thinkstock
Maciej Korzekwa/Thinkstock

John T. Havlin was arrested after Deputies Cpl. Ryan Fitch and Deputy Don Buldoc responded to a 911 call for a family fight on Third Street in Howland.

The Penobscot County Sheriff's Office described the incident:

While transporting Havlin to the Penobscot  County Jail on I-95, he became violent, released the seat belt, and tried to open the door. Cpl. Fitch had to grab Havlin by the shirt to keep him from opening the door, said the Sheriff's Office.

Cpl. Fitch was able to pull over while Havlin was making threats of self-harm. Havlin was able to escape out of the car just as Cpl. Fitch was stopping. He ran up the travel lane into oncoming traffic. Havlin’s actions put motorist at risk as he obstructed traffic.

After a short foot chase, Cpl. Fitch had to use his Electronic weapon (Tazer) to restrain and subdue him. A Lincoln PD unit was in the area who was also transporting a prisoner the PCJ responded.

No other information to be released at this time.

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