Cary Medical Center and The New England Regional Genetic Network (NERGN) have teamed up to assist individuals and families in Aroostook County and Northeastern Maine with or at risk for genetic conditions. “The mission of this partnership is to promote and improve health and social wellbeing of those with inherited genetic conditions so that all individuals have the opportunity to achieve their full potential,” shared Angel Murchison, Grant Coordinator and Liaison for Cary Medical Center.

The New England Regional Genetics Network (NERGN) is a HRSA funded cooperative agreement to improve health and equity and health outcomes of individuals with genetic conditions by supporting families of children with or at risk for genetic conditions, training and educating health care providers, and increasing the availability of genetic resources, supports, and care delivery systems.

While the partnership continues to develop and move this mission forward, Murchison encourages the public to visit the website and contact her if they have further questions. The website is robust with information helpful for everyone to know with special resources for medical providers, educators, and families.

For additional information, please contact Angel Murchison at (207) 498-1158 or the New England Regional Genetics Network Program Manager, Karen Volle at (603) 862-4320.

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