Tammy Jo Knoll of Caribou was selected as the winner of a $500 Gift Certificate provided by Sleepers of Caribou, a sponsor of Cary Medical Center’s 200 Miles in 200 Days Healthy You Fitness Challenge.

Cary Medical Center
Cary Medical Center

Knoll walked a total of 1,435 miles during the event which began in May and ended November 29.  There were 187 participants in the challenge and together they walked 42,198 miles the equivalent of walking across America 15 times. Knoll said that her walking is a great stress reliever.

I love to walk and it really helps me to feel great”, said Knoll.  “In helps me to clear my mind, and gets me out into the fresh air.

The event was part of a year-long physical activity initiative through Cary’s Award Winning Health You program.  The activity started with 100 miles in 100 days and some 400 people participated.  The goal is to engage the public in safe, routine exercise.  Bill Flagg, Director of Community Relations and Development at Cary said that walking has been called ‘Miracle Medicine’.

The great thing about walking is that it doesn’t take much equipment, just good walking shoes, and it can be done just about anywhere, and it is free”, said Flagg.  “Just 30 minutes of walking most days of the week can reduce your risk for diabetes.  Walking most days of the week can help you maintain a healthy blood pressure, reduce the risk for stroke, cancer even Alzheimer’s.  We have been so impressed with the response to these programs and we have had many emails and letters telling us how great the programs have been for individuals.

A number of corporate sponsors participated in the fitness challenge including, Sleepers of Caribou.  The major corporate sponsor was Norstate Federal Credit Union, other corporate sponsors included, Hebert Rexall Pharmacy in Van Buren, and Beaulieu’s Garage and Body Shop in Caribou.  Flagg also praised the local media sponsor of the challenge.

TownSquare was a great partner throughout this event”, said Flagg.  “Not only did they help promote the challenge but they helped to line up sponsors as well.

The hospital plans to launch a new fitness challenge early in 2018, ‘96,100 Steps’.  The challenge will feature a ‘Bermuda Cruise’ as the grand prize.  For more information contact the Public Relations Office at Cary 498-1112 or visit carymedicalcenter.org.

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